Composite Fillings

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Composite Fillings (tooth-colored fillings)

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Also known as Bonded Fillings, White Fillings, or Tooth Colored Fillings.

This is the only kind of filling we have been doing for over 30 years now. These materials have progressed dramatically in hardness, bonding strength, appearance, and other qualities over the years. The filling material itself is a thick paste with nano sized filler particles of quartz, silica, and zirconium for hardness. The bonding liquids now also contain a desensitizer to virtually eliminate post- operative sensitivity. Once the composite material is placed into the area that was prepared – it is zapped by a very powerful yet cool LED Bonding Light. The filling becomes rock hard in a few seconds. It is then shaped and polished with the drill to the proper tooth shape and bite. With today’s materials these fillings have the same longevity as the old fashioned amalgams. The teeth look perfectly natural – like they never had a filling. We have never had anybody ask for their old amalgams back!

Composite vs. Amalgam – which would you rather have?

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