Cosmetic Bonding

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Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding

Is the thing to do

It is very common, especially after whitening the teeth, to want the perfect smile. If there is just minor chips, wear, irregularities, of space to fill in, it is OK to use Freehand Bonding. The teeth are first cleaned and etched, and then a bonding liquid painted on. The shade is matched to your teeth, the composite / bonding material is added and pre-shaped. Our ultrafast and cool LED Curing Light bonds everything in place in a few seconds. It takes a few minutes to shape the bonding material with the handpiece, and adjust it for aesthetics and the bite. There is no post-operative sensitivity from this procedure, and rarely is anesthetic required.

It'll make you feel Great!

Afterwards to maintain this bonding you need to treat it carefully – just like you would your own enamel. Basically, you don’t use your front teeth as tools – no nail biting, opening potato chip bags, removing plastic caps, biting hard crusty breads like pizza crust, bread sticks, or crispy bread rolls, no biting pens, opening pistachios, eating bones, or crab legs & lobster shells, or grinding your teeth. These are usually the reasons people need bonding in the first place. This works for most people, with bonding lasting over 5 years, before it starts to chip, stain, and wear excessively. With others the bonding never seems to last more than 4 months – this indicates parafunctional habits – and laminates will be the better choice for this situation.

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