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Very often traditional dentures do not offer the most secure fit that people desire. If there are 2 remaining canines, these 2 teeth which have the longest roots in the mouth, and gives the face its shape, are retained. These canines are root canaled, cut to the gum line, and a cast gold post is custom made, and cemented into the root. The ball at the end of the posts snap into the O rings built into the denture. Sometimes, if a patient cannot tolerate a full palate denture, then it can be made with an open palate. If patients no longer have any canines to use for extra retention, a similar design can be created with 2 or 4 implants.

Implant retained dentures

Implant retained dentures are quite popular for the lower arch. The mandibular arch offers the most challenges in denture construction because there is no palatal seal or suction to hold it in, and also there is the tongue which can lift up the denture at any moment. There are several ways to make an implant retained denture – but basically they fall into 2 categories – fixed and removable. These pictures show a fixed implant retained lower denture. 4 implants are placed in the jaw. A retaining bar is made with holes to accept the screws that will tighten into the implants. This retaining bar is also the substructure of the denture, and gives it its strength. The denture, once in the mouth looks natural. The screws are inserted on the tongue side of the denture, and covered with composite. Every few years this denture can be unscrewed for servicing. Patients are also advised to come in for regular 6 month cleanings and exams.